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The World of Shyel

Shyel is a lush world with four continents and four oceans. Orbiting Shyel are three moons.

The Continents

Imesia When you imagine medieval fantasy,Imesia is were your imagination would take you. Imesia is a land filled with feudal human kingdoms, ancient dwarven strong-holds, majestic elven cities, wandering gnomish caravans, serene halfing settlements, mercenary goblin villages, cunning kobold mining operations; the vast array of cultures and societies welcome many races.
Kihlek Reminiscent of the mystical orient, Kihlek is a land of Empires, intrigue, and honor. Mountain-top dwarven castles, lurking elves within the misty forests, scientifically advanced gnomish communes, nomadic prides of catfolk, imposeing hobgoblin fortress-cities, and the human empire with their halfing slaves make up most of the complex landscape of Kihlek.
Maunsi Wild and untamed, Maunsi is a continent of hot deserts and jungles. Still a land of mystery to outsiders: there are humans who have carved out small emirates along the coasts and rivers, savage tribes of orcs whom live as one with nature, and enigmatic clans of the elements.
Kivan Newly discovered by the Coalition of Mages; it is said to be a land of riches beyond imagine, but also of war and violence unending. Shortly after beginning their exploration of this continent, the Coalition report encountering strange construct-like beings that use never before seen magics. The Coalition wages a continual War of Containment to prevent these strange beings from traveling to other lands and laying waste to all civilizations they find.

The Oceans

Kous = Largest
Morshin = between Imesia and Kivan
Ilachi = between Maunsi and Kihlek
Aurix = between Maunsi from Imesia and Kivan

The Moons

Atonus = Smallest, fourteen day cycle
Nequenchi = Largest, sixty day cycle
Wulani = Midsized, 30 day cycle

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